White Water Rafting in Colorado

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Rafting Colorado's rivers is a huge draw with sections that range from easy family friendly float trips to raging class 5 rapids.

*Rapids are ranked class 1 through 5 with one being the easiest and five being expert.

White Water Rafting is easily accessible within a 30 minute drive of Denver, Co with some of the best rafting in the country within a 3 hour radius. Families with small children should consider a family friendly float trip. These trips typically set out on flat water and may encounter a few smaller waves and easy class 1 or 2 rapids. Many of these trips are on the Upper Colorado and launch from Kremmling.

What to Bring on A Rafting Trip

When heading out for a day of white water, it's wise to bring sun screen, drinking water, sunglasses w/ croakies and a few snacks. It's a good idea to put your phone in a water proof case a dry bag. Dry bags are water proof super durable rubberized bags that fold on the top and keep the contents dry on the river. Tipping is customary to show appreciation for to your guides. Though some guides can accept Venmo, considering the remote nature of these rafting trips cash tips are preferred.

What to Wear for White Water Rafting

The running joke here in Colorado is that if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes. The weather on the river can change in the blink of an eye. Avoid wearing anything cotton as it takes forever to dry and will make you cold. Bathing suits are preferred with a layer or two of quick drying synthetic materials along with something that can block wind. As for footwear, avoid wearing flip flops or bulky crocs. Water shoes or a Teva style athletic sandal is recommended.

What is Typically Provided

All Outfitters will provide you with a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) and a white water rafting helmet. DO NOT GET INTO THE BOAT WITHOUT A PFD Many Outfitters rent wetsuits and water shoes.

How Does a Typical White Water Rafting Trip Flow?

The experience begins by meeting at the Outfitters location. Be sure you understand if the trip time you purchased is the arrival time or departure time, as this is the most common misunderstanding. The Outfitter will fit you for a PDF and helmet, have you complete a waiver and possibly watch a rafting safety video. During this time you are also able to rent a wetsuit and water shoes if needed. Once the gear has been fitted correctly, depending on the trip it may be time to load up into the shuttle bus and be transported to the put-in location. Upon arrival at the put-in Outfitters will commonly perform a rafting safety talk and how-to presentation. Once the rafts are unloaded you and your team will carry the raft to the put-in and depart.

Throughout your rafting trip you'll encounter challenges including but not limited to waves, rapids, hydraulics, rocks, drops and more. At the end of your trip your team may have to carry the raft to a trailer and deposit your gear. Depending on the rafting trip you may have a return shuttle trip back to their outpost.

As always, if you liked your ride please do not forget to tip your guide. A tip of 15%-20% is customary and will be greatly appreciated by your guide.

We've done the legwork for you and selected some of the best White Water Rafting Outfitters in Colorado. Each of the rafting trips have been organized into easy to navigate categories based on the most popular trip requests and are bookable with the click of a button.

Questions? Call Us: (970) 485-9046

Colorado Rafting Adrenaline Trips

Adrenaline trips are the best rafting trips for the widest range of guests. On these white water trips you may experience 1 or more class 3 white water rapids with the potential for a class 4 depending on water flow.

Half Day Trips

Whether you're crunched for time or a beginner looking to test the waters, half day rafting trips get you out on the water and back to civiliation in a shorter time-frame while not missing out an excellent experience.

Colorado Fishing Trips

Learn how to fly fish from an expert guide on gold medal waters. Beginners will typically book half day trips whereas intermediate and advanced anglers will book full day trips. Trout dominate colorado rivers and you may catch a variety of fish including Rainbow, Brown, cutthroat and Brookies depending on season and river section.

The trips below include all the equipment you'll need to hit the water, except a fishing license. Buy your Colorado Fishing License Here

Easy Going, Family Friendly Float Trips

These trips are ideal for families with small kids or beginners that are looking for a casual experince on the river.

Float trips typically run on flat water to class 2 rapids with many suitable for children as young as 2 years old.

Colorado Rafting Packages

Packages allow you to combine other experiences with your rafting adventure. Want to raft and love beer? The Pedal & Paddle package combines rafting with a fat bike beer and distillery tour!