Via Ferrata Course - Mt. Evans

Operated By: AVA Rafting

Activity Description

At the base of a beautiful 14,000+ foot peak in the Colorado Rockies is one of AVA’s newer extreme adventures. Via Ferrata, which means “iron way” in Italian, is a method of mountaineering & rock climbing that’s been used in Europe for centuries. Via Ferrata courses use a combination of ladders, rungs, rails, cables and bridges to aid in moving across and up a cliff face. The Iron Way in Idaho Springs is an assisted rock climbing guided tour where you’ll clip into cables that run alongside a cliff. You’ll then move along a designated path of iron rungs and bridges. Along the way, you’ll be required to clip in and out of the cable to progress through the course. This is made possible through an advanced internal locking system in the carabiners. This system keeps you connected to the cable of the course at all times.

Phone Number: 970-495-9046
Average Time: 3 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate

Location - Via Ferrata Course - Mt. Evans


Cancellation Policy

Up to 7 PM the night before your trip
92% Refund


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