Dog Sledding - Group Tour

Operated By: Alpine Adventures Dog Sledding

Activity Description

Tours run every day all season, snow or shine! Distance covered: 6 miles

There are 6 adult seats per dogsled tour.  A child may be added to a full tour of 6 adult drivers as the child will only be allowed to ride in the sled basket and will not impact the drive time of any of the adults on the tour.  Two people ride on the dogsled at a time, one driving the dog sled, one riding in the basket, while the other guests ride on a sleigh that is pulled by the guide on a snowmobile out in front of the dog team. Periodically, we stop and switch out drivers and riders so that all of the adults get an opportunity to drive the dog sled and ride in the basket. (See photo above for a visual).  We will book out any remaining seats of the tour unless you choose to make your tour private (see paragraph below).

We have multiple dogsled departure times to suit your needs.

Do you want your family to have the dogsled all to yourselves?  You can make your tour Private by reserving the entire dogsled tour.  This allows you to have as many or as few people on the tour as you like, with a maximum of 6 total people.  This is a popular option for parties of 4 adults that want to be together on the same tour (4 adults cannot ever go on one tag sled tour together, they would have to split up).  By opting for the Private Group Tour option, regardless of how few people you bring, no one else will be added to your tour.  This allows more drive and ride time for each person as there could potentially be fewer people on the tour to share with, depending on the size of your party.

Tours depart between 8:45 am-3:30 pm daily.

You will be with your guide for 1 hour and 20 minutes from start to finish and on the trails for one hour.

We reserve the right to modify tours as needed for the safety of our dogs.

Do you require transportation? Transportation packages can only be booked by phone. Do not book your dog sledding experience online if you need transportation. Call (719) 486-9899 to book your dog sledding adventure with transportation.

Phone Number: 7194869899
Average Time: 60 min.
Difficulty: NA

Location - Alpine Adventures Dogsledding


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations & Changes
Tour changes and cancellations must be done 72 hrs prior to the tour time in peak holidays and 48 hrs outside of peak holiday times
0% Refund
Transportation is not required
Our group does not require transportation
0% Refund
Drugs or Alcohol
No refunds to guests that arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
0% Refund
No one in my group is pregnant
0% Refund
Driving Directions
I acknowledge that I need to follow the simple directions provided on the website. DO NOT USE GPS DIRECTIONS.
0% Refund
No-Refund Excuses
Someone in your party is sick or injured.Too much traffic on the road caused you to be late.You get lost navigating to our location.You did not realize how far/long of a drive it was to get to us from your location.The taxi or car service forgot to pick you up, or was too late. You don't like the weather on the day of your ride.Your car was plowed in and you couldn't get out of your driveway.You drove your car off the road and got stuck. ​
0% Refund
No Exceptions
I understand that there NO exceptions to the cancellation policy, regardless of the reason.
0% Refund
Reservations within Cancellation Period
I understand that reservations that are made when already within the cancellation policy period are non-refundable.
0% Refund
Booking Fees Non Refundable
To prevent frivolous reservations and cancellations booking fees are non-refundable.
0% Refund
On Time (30 Min Early)
For the safety of the dogs we stay on schedule. We understand may not get to go on the tour and will not be entitled to a refund. It is my responsibility to arrive 30 minutes prior to my tour time.
0% Refund
We want to do our part and expect you to do yours. Cancellations related to COVID will be offered a full credit for a future tour. Holiday restrictions apply.
0% Refund


1 Reviews / 5

  • Seth
    1/4/2020 3:56:58 PM +00:00

    This was our first time to dogsled and we loved it. Guy, our guide was very informative and answered every question we had. Thank you Alpine for a great experience!

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