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Bonjour et Bienvenue à Belle V. where we believe that life, in all its chaos, is beautiful.  Come have a glass of wine and let us introduce you to fine French fare without the fuss!  Our goal is to tantalize your taste buds with our small plates. 

“Why small plates?” You may ask.  Simple.  So you can sample and share a variety of cuisine in one sitting. 

My husband, who also happens to be an amazing chef, is from the South of France where he grew up cooking with his grandmother who is now 102 years old.  His food philosophy is to respect the ingredients the earth gives you by bringing out every ounce of flavor while cooking.  By incorporating this idea with an intense passion for food, Belle V. has created a menu full of an eclectic mix of classic French fare and unique creations. 

So sit back, relax and let us please your palate, because at Belle V., life is always beautiful.

Phone Number: (970) 771-3456
Difficulty: NA

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