Northstar Preserve SUP Float

Operated By: Shaboomee Stand up Paddleboarding

Activity Description

Enjoy the beauty of a spectacular meandering high alpine river sanctuary just outside the heart of Aspen; and if desired, you can learn some SUP skills too!

Your magical SUP float will take you through pristine beauty! your boards will be ready to go. If you would like we will carry them down to the water and help you get on the sup. We will be waiting for you at the takeout ready to pull your gear out of the water. An effortless adventure awaits!!

If you would like to add private instruction, your lesson will be taught by on it certified SUP instructors, our tours allow you to relish in the wonder of our Rocky Mountains paradise floating in style on our Colorado designed paddle boards.

Phone Number: 970-315-2224
Average Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate

Location - Northstar Preserve



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