Scenic - Sleigh Ride - Peak 9

Operated By: Breckenridge Stables Horseback Riding

Activity Description

Scenic Sleigh Rides include a 35-45 minute sleigh ride with beautiful views of our charming town. The ride goes up in elevation, up the Breckenridge Ski Resort. This gives you great views looking down on the town of Breckenridge with the Christmas lights. From this sleigh ride, you can also see across the valley to the Continental Divide, Mt Baldy, and the 10-mile range. Hot chocolate and warm blankets will be provided for the ride. No Groupons accepted at this location. 48-hour cancellation policy. 

Phone Number: 970-485-9046
Average Time: 45 min.
Difficulty: NA

Location - Breckenridge Stables

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2 Reviews / 4.5

  • Kelsey S
    Kelsey S
    12/11/2018 7:51:36 PM +00:00

    We bought a sleigh journey with this company and it was somewhat overpriced, however, the wranglers had been very pleasant & the panorama was entirely beautiful!

  • Smiliken
    12/12/2018 2:13:45 AM +00:00

    Our family from North Carolina (five aggregate) had a magnificent time, sitting in the sleigh taking in the lights of Breckenridge and the stars of the night sky. Truly it was chilly, yet with the covers gave, and extremely hot chocolate - the ride passed by quick and smooth and we absolutely loved it. it was great amid the last couple of snapshots of our ride when the snow started to descend. The ponies were so splendid in shading against the lights and the snow. 100% recommend!

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