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Activity Description

Chances are you’ve heard about Rob's Unicorn Cookies in Austin. The new location opened recently and is a hit so far. Maybe you’ve already visited the gourmet cookie shop in Austin, or maybe you’ve seen them on TikTok, as their account has more than 70 thousand followers. The location in Austin has options for pick up, take out and delivery, and they follow Covid-19 guidelines very well, limiting instore capacity to only 5 customers at a time.

The flavors change every week, so there’s constantly a new selection. They had a special Unicorn Cookie flavor back in March, and bring out new special flavors for one day only every holiday. The cookies themselves are fairly large, I’d say you get your money’s worth. Although, they are on the expensive side, about three dollars apiece and you must order by the dozen.

Pickup Only

Website: www.RobsUnicornCookies.com
Phone Number: 970-390-4166
Difficulty: NA

Location - 132 Elm Street


Cancellation Policy

48 Hour Cancellation Required
You must cancel 48 hours before pickup time to receive a full refund.
100% Refund


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