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Activity Description

Gold Discovered in Colorado! That’s the news that brought the flood of dreamers to the mining camps of the mountains around Breckenridge, in 1859.  They planned to become prospectors, and strike it rich.  And just like you, after a long winter’s day in the Colorado high country, they longed for a hot meal, some companionship and entertainment.  So they gathered in a dining hall, or saloon.  

The first structures were tents, but just like our mining camp, they quickly became log cabins as the population grew. In our mining camp dining hall, you will be welcomed by  the warmth of our antique wood stoves.  Waiting for you, on the hand-hewn log tables, will be yummy hot cocoa to warm you up.  

The Gold Fever of frontier mountain towns attracted all kinds of people.  While you wait for your dinner to be prepared on our wood stove and grill, you will be entertained by one of the colorful Colorado characters that lived in this area in the days of the past. It might be a trapper, aka a mountain man, who roamed around here long before the gold boom.  Or it could be a dance hall girl; one of the few females that came to the mountains to entertain the many young men, lonely for their sweethearts back home.  

These characters  will take you back to the rip-roaring days with their humorous stories.Enjoy a camp style hearty 3 course dinner on tin plates, and beverages in tin cups like the miners had.  

The meal consists of your choice of a grilled steak, BBQ chicken or fish (vegetarian and vegan option also available upon request). Add to this a fresh tossed salad, guest favorite chili, hearty miner’s beans, corn on the cob, dinner rolls and plenty more.  All this is finished off with our famous hot apple pie.  

During this meal you will have the chance to swap your own mountain adventure stories with the folks sitting around you who may have come from around the country, or around the world.  Oh and don’t forget to save enough room in your tummy for marshmallows by a Real Rocky Mountain Campfire. You will never forget this evening when you became part of the history of the Colorado mining camps.

Phone Number: 970-453-2005
Average Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Beginner

Location - Golden Horseshoe Sleigh Rides



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