Marijuana Tour

Operated By: Denver Marijuana Project

Activity Description

Our private Marijuana Tour option is totally customizable, private cannabis tours pickup from any location in the Denver Metro area, Your hotel or Airbnb rental is the perfect pick up. Our grow house tours are a great way to learn more about the art of horticulture, trimming, drying and curing marijuana.
If you are thinking of relocating to Denver this is a great tour option for you to begin understanding the different areas of our city. 
Your guide can stop at multiple dispensaries and introduce you to different products and services unique to each location. 
Many of our guests prefer to spend their marijuana tour time driving around the many scenic locations in and around the Denver area, especially during the time of year when our fall colors are peeking. However, all year round we have majestic scenery in Colorado. ​

*Includes hotel pickup in the Denver metro area

Phone Number: 720-722-2579
Average Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: NA

Location - Denver Marijuana Tours



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