Lakes and Waterfalls Helicopter Tour

Operated By: Tahoe Helicopters

Activity Description

Lakes and Waterfalls

Starting at South Tahoe Airport, this 30 minute tour first embarks to Emerald Bay, then south along the mountains over Cascade Lake, past Mount Tallac, and over the shoreline of Fallen Leaf lake. Head west over Glen Alpine Creek, with Glen Alpine Falls below, climbing towards Pyramid Peak, at an elevation of 9,984 feet! The area is scattered with myriad lakes and waterfalls. Fly over Lake Aloha and past Horsetail Falls, dropping nearly 500 feet. The tour concludes by flying over upper and lower Echo Lake before returning to the airport.

Phone Number: 970-486-9046
Average Time: 30 min.
Difficulty: NA

Location - Tahoe Helicopters



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