Hike The Big Meadows / Tonahutu Trail

Operated By: AVA Rafting

Activity Description

The hike to Big Meadows begins at the Green Mountain Trailhead, located 2.5 miles north of the Grand Lake Entrance. From the parking area, the Green Mountain Trail climbs through a lush conifer forest. This climb is steady and moderate, but graduates to more gentle grades after the first half-mile, with a few short steeper inclines every now and then. As the trail levels out you’ll pass a couple of small meadows. Keep an eye out for moose and elk foraging in these fields as you pass. Note that the edge of the meadow can be a bit marshy, especially in the spring. Only two-tenths of a mile up the trail are the remnants of an old homesteader’s cabin from the early 1900s. The Big Meadows themselves are surrounded by numerous 12,000 ft.-plus peaks. After this hike, continue down Tonahutu Trail for more amazing views!

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Difficulty: Intermediate

Location - AVA Hiking location


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