French Quarter Kids & Family Tour

Operated By: Lucky Bean Tours

Activity Description

We bring pictures, simple crafts, and a few treats, you bring the kids! Even parents learn and have fun on this family-friendly New Orleans walking tour!

We stroll the French Quarter as we learn about Mardi Gras, jazz funerals, pirates, voodoo, Creole cuisine, the Mississippi River, and how kids and families shopped, played, and lived throughout New Orleans' past.

Lucky Bean Tours brings you the best two-hour French Quarter walking tour for families! Your 5-12 year old children are guaranteed to love this one. Put on your Mardi Gras beads and get ready to learn about what makes New Orleans so special by our super fun guides!

French Quarter Kids & Family Tour Highlights

  • Parents and grandparents learn and have fun too!
  • We bring snacks, crafts, and stories to engage your kids!
  • The colorful, musical French Quarter is great fun for families!
  • Bring all the questions  (and energy) you have!
Phone Number: (504)565-6991
Average Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Beginner

Location - Jackson Square Fountain



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