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Operated By: Breckenridge Stables Horseback Riding

Activity Description

On a Breckenridge Stables trail ride, you’ll spend approximately an hour and a half exploring the beautiful Breckenridge scenery between Peaks 9 and 10 on the Ten Mile range above Breckenridge. You will experience river crossings, beaver ponds and breathtaking panoramic views of the Continental Divide. With over 100 horses, we’re able to match each rider to a horse based on the rider’s ability and age.

Ages 0-3: Children ages 0-3 (or 35 lbs or less) ride double in the saddle with an adult. This is a general guideline and is based on a number of factors, including the size and weight of the child and adult.

Ages 4 and 5: For those that are too young or unable to control their own horse — generally 4 to 5 years old — we will control the horse for them by attaching a rope from their horse to one of our staff.

Ages 6 and up: Children 6 years and older may ride on their own horse or pony.

  • We are open mid-May (weather permitting) through September 30th.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign in.
  • Please wear proper attire (no sandals) and dress for the weather.
  • We operate in all weather conditions, except thunder and lightning.
  • No weight limit
  • Wranglers work for tips.
  • Reservations are required.
  • 48 hour cancellation required.
  • Private rides are available for $150 extra per wrangler.
  • All rides are about 1.5 hours. This does include getting on and off your horse. The timing of your ride also depends on the speed each horse walks. 
Phone Number: 970-485-9046
Average Time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: NA

Location - Breckenridge Stables



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