Cattle Drive

Operated By: Rusty Spurr ranch

Activity Description

Enjoy a truly unique experience and take part in a Western tradition. Mount up and ride with the Rusty Spurr's cowhands who will teach you how to help them gather and drive their cattle herd on 10,000 acres of rugged open range. What makes this activity genuinely special is that its nature allows for every ability level, experienced horseman and greenhorn alike, to partake . The drive involves 3 ½ - 4 hours of riding, with panoramic views of the Continental Divide and the Gore, Williams Fork and Never Summer mountain ranges. Riding terrain varies from open sagebrush plains to aspen and pine-covered hills. Home-cooking awaits you upon your return!

Phone Number: 970-556-1522
Average Time: 8 hours
Difficulty: NA

Location - Rusty Spurr Ranch

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