Dinner - Sleigh Ride

Operated By: Breckenridge Stables Horseback Riding

Activity Description

Dinner Rides include a 35-45 minute sleigh ride with hot chocolate and warm blankets. This is the same sleigh ride as the scenic ride. This ride does go up in elevation giving you the great views of the valley of Breckenridge below.  After the ride, enjoy a 1 hour dinner at Spencer’s Steak House at Beaver Run. We drop you off right out front of Spencers. This is walking distance from your start location. Total time is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. No entertainment provided. No Groupons accepted. 48 hour cancellation policy. Menu below

Website: adventurebot.com/home/outfitter/622ed17b-7f54-429c-8e8f-47ef830ffb77
Phone Number: 970-485-9046
Average Time: 2.08 hours
Difficulty: NA

Location - Breckenridge Stables

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  • hopefullyhelpful_10
    12/11/2018 7:44:27 PM +00:00

    We were delighted with the dinner/sleigh ride bundle. My 18 and 21 year old joined me. Each of us notion it was once super. It is problematic to find household hobbies that each of us experience, but this filled the invoice. The Belgian Draft horses had been lovely and all decked out. The sleigh that was used was red with great black padded seats and held about 25 riders at a time (if full) There was plenty of heavy blankets and the sleigh driver was knowledgeable and friendly. The ride was scenic, with the sunset and mountain range. Throughout the motel there was once a first-class fireplace and the dinner used to be excellent. I exceptionally liked the beef which used to be smooth and juicy. The singer/guitar participant was satisfying, too. The whole pastime is excellent for combined age companies, as good as couples or members. It is difficult to find activities that young adults can enjoy simply with their mum and dad and truly get some time to reconnect without cell phones, however, this was just that for us. Thanks Breckenridge Stables for an extraordinarily memorable experience!

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