Ski Package - Adult

Operated By: Ski Butlers

Activity Description

Skiing is one of the greatest things to experience! Some find skiing to be a little easier than snowboarding due to they are able to move each leg rather than being strapped into a board. Skiing gives you a feeling of freedom unlike anything else. Ask any skier whose being skiing since he/she was little and im sure the first thing you see is a smile!

Phone Number: 970-624-0020
Average Time: 60 min.
Difficulty: NA

Location - Breckenridge Ski Resort

Location - Copper Mtn

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1 Reviews / 5

    12/11/2018 8:59:31 PM +00:00

    Such great, high-end equipment. I have certainly not in any rental situation, ever been asked how I love my skis. On this last trip, this guy who obviously is aware of his equipment requested If I preferred the new Rossignol Soul 7 on a chairlift ride up. We spoke in regards to the ski versus the ones he just bought, and that I suppose he was experiencing some buyers remorse after I described how responsive the skis are and the way they handled each condition on the mountain. What a way to test something new on the market or just a way for me to seem cooler. The staff in Breckenridge is high-quality! The information regarding to the weather forecast and mountain conditions was spot on. Very worthy with local bar and restaurant tips also. You feel like you will have known the techs for years when you go away from an experience with Ski Butlers. With one mobile name, we have been equipped to ski an additional day after testing and dropped the equipment at the retailer on the best way out of town. The employees helped us unload and had us on the way in minutes. Will obviously use Ski Butlers next time we ski!!

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