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Operated By: Alpine Adventures Dog Sledding

Activity Description

Two dogsleds are pulled by a larger group of 10-12 dogs. The guide is on the front dogsled with up to 2 riders and the second dogsled will have one person driving and one person riding. As you get out onto the trails, you have the opportunity to drive, ride and control a larger team. This tour is completely dog powered and whenever the sleds are moving everyone is on board this peaceful, serene tour with your guide. This is a great way to dogsled, but have the guide with you to help control the dog team. Plus, you get to play with more dogs! This tour accommodates up to 3 adults and 1 small child or 2 adults and 2 small children per tour. The overall weight of the entire party becomes the determining factor. Distance covered: 6 miles

Website: www.alpineadventuresdogsledding.com/
Phone Number: 719-283-1214
Average Time: 80 min.
Difficulty: NA

Location - Alpine Adventures Dogsledding

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