About the Company

Ridden first opened in 2011 as a gear consignment shop but has evolved over the years and in addition to consignment now offers top-to-bottom ski + snowboard rentals, retail gear and Fat Bike Tours led by a local. Ridden is the quintessential one-stop-shop. We take pride in offering outstanding customer service in the shop and on the bike tours. Our goal is to ensure you have a unique and fulfilling experience that you'll reflect upon for years to come. After your first visit you'll feel like you've made new friends in Breckenridge. 

About the Owner

Robert moved to Breckenridge Colorado in 2009 to follow his passion for the outdoors. While in Colorado Robert contributed to the hospitality industry as a software engineer at Copper Mountain Ski Resort and Breckenridge Grand Vacations. After forgetting his goggles while on a local skiing excursion Robert was turned upside down shaken down for his lunch money over a new pair of goggles at a local resort owned shop. Mid-shakedown, he quickly realized the expense related to winter sports and saw an opportunity for selling used ski and snowboard gear at affordable prices. Shortly thereafter Robert opened Ridden in Breckenridge, CO with the goal of making the sport more accessible.

About the Team

The team at Ridden is a group of experienced skiers, snowboarders, bikers and lovers of all things outdoors. With the Ridden team you don't just get a friendly smile, you'll be talking to an expert who will not only help you select the proper gear for your experience level they'll go above and beyond to ensure your Breckenridge experience is unforgettable. 

Fat Bike Beer & Distillery Tour
from $30

Discover points of interest and Breckenridge history as you ride through town on a high-performance carbon-fiber fat bike. Return transportation is included.

Intermediate Mountain Biking Tour
from $80

Come ride with us on a 1 or 2-hour mountain biking adventure! View relics from Breckenridge's rich mining history and learn to safely navigate the town trail system

Fat Bike Rental
from $45

Rent a high-performance carbon-fiber Borealis fat bike for half and full-day adventures. Explore the town and county trail systems or just cruise around Breck!

Boreas Pass Scenic Bike Shuttle
from $100

Enjoy effortless cycling and expansive scenic views on the Boreas Pass Scenic Biking Shuttle. Boreas Pass Scenic shuttle allows you to stay in Breckenridge and not waste your valuable vacation time driving.

Path Bike Rental
from $10

Rent a high performance hardtail GT mountain bike or comfortable path cruiser for 1 hour. Explore the county trail systems or just cruise the town. Bike the Breck way!

Ski Rental Package
from $17

Ski Rental Packages include Top of the line rental skis, ski boots, and poles! You'll come to the shop to meet our expert ski techs where you will get fitted for your boots and skis properly. A bad fitting boot or set of skis can make or break your experience so rent with the best to make sure you have an unforgettable ski vacation! Our shop also has the fastest in and out rate of any shop so skip the lines and be in and out of the shop within 30 minutes. Enjoy a coffee or water on us as well! Even hot chocolate