About the Company

Silver Flask is a 5-star ice fishing and fly fishing outfitter located in Summit County Colorado. Founded in 2017 by George Peebles, an avid angler and innovative teacher who came up with the name of the business after receiving a silver flask as a gift from his brother.

About the Owner

Owner of Silver Flask Fishing, George Peebles, has been an avid angler and guide for over 20 years. He started his journey into the fishing industry when he was in the mid-west guiding tours following college. After receiving his MBA, he dabbled in guiding while working his way up the corporate ladder, in an unrelated industry. Although George had reached the top of the corporate ladder, he still found that something was missing. Through a chain of events and searching for a place in Colorado to ice fish, he began his journey to Lake Dillon to try his hand at guiding. The journey itself was arduous, to say the least, as he drove from his home in Wisconsin into the unknown that was Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. Reaching the Colorado state line, he entered the new world that would become his lifelong dream, which was teaching people how to fish. Upon arriving at his new residence, he found that he was living in an old fishing community in Summit County located above 9,000 feet. It was fitting that his new residence had private fishing access and was an old fishing community. By studying Lake Dillon, George developed a better sense of what was going on in the fishery. Following hundreds of guided trips led by George, and managing other outfitters, he came to realize how to reach his goal of being a professional guide and teaching people how to fish.