About the Company

About the Owner

In the summer of 1987, a young girl, standing in a dripping wet bathing suit, firmly advises her dad, “Do not call me LoLo!”  LoLo.  The endearing nickname bestowed upon an unaccepting 6-year-old.  A typical Saturday in Port Austin, Michigan included bathing suits, beaches, green grass on your bear feet, and an endless number familiar faces stopping in to say hello all day long.  The Krebs were lively bunch who enjoyed nothing more than summer with family and friends; the more the merrier.

Fast forward to 2014.  After spending many days in Breckenridge, two things became very obvious to Max and I.  First, there really was no place else we’d rather be.  And second, we craved something different and unique for us and for Breck.  

It was only natural that our love for Breckenridge, an outdoors/healthy kind of lifestyle and becoming independent business owners transpired into what has become LoLo Juice.  And the name?  We are confident that it will invoke the same inviting and charismatic feeling to our customers as it does to us.

Smoothies, Salads, Wraps

​A fresh, healthy, great tasting menu served by friendly faces.  Our meals and snacks are always made in-house, from the highest quality, all-natural and organic ingredients.  Using only eco-friendly products, we aim to keep our footprint small and your smiles big.