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Garden District Tour
from $25

The Garden District was established in 1832 as the City of Lafayette, an elegant garden suburb upriver from New Orleans inhabited by the wealthy American newcomers who found themselves at odds with the downriver Creoles. The planners and residents of this verdant oasis from the sultriness and excesses of the old city were the captains of New Orleans' "golden age," a time of incredible wealth and growth in the Crescent City.

There is no other neighborhood like the Garden District, at the same time showy and quiet, wild and manicured, modern and antiquated. Allow your guide to lead you through its beautiful homes and histories, and explore Lafayette cemetery #1, one of New Orleans' most interesting "cities of the dead."

Garden District Tour Highlights

  • Drinks, snacks, and restrooms are available at Gracious Bakery, where the tour begins.
  • Stunning Lafayette Cemetery #1 is the oldest city-owned cemetery in New Orleans.
  • The elegant and lush Garden District is a New Orleans original!
  • All our groups are small, to ensure a tour customized to the interests of our guests.
  • We love to walk and tell the stories of this unique American neighborhood in the Creole city.

French Quarter Kids & Family Tour

We bring pictures, simple crafts, and a few treats, you bring the kids! Even parents learn and have fun on this family-friendly New Orleans walking tour!

We stroll the French Quarter as we learn about Mardi Gras, jazz funerals, pirates, voodoo, Creole cuisine, the Mississippi River, and how kids and families shopped, played, and lived throughout New Orleans' past.

Lucky Bean Tours brings you the best two-hour French Quarter walking tour for families! Your 5-12 year old children are guaranteed to love this one. Put on your Mardi Gras beads and get ready to learn about what makes New Orleans so special by our super fun guides!

French Quarter Kids & Family Tour Highlights

  • Parents and grandparents learn and have fun too!
  • We bring snacks, crafts, and stories to engage your kids!
  • The colorful, musical French Quarter is great fun for families!
  • Bring all the questions  (and energy) you have!

French Quarter Tour
from $25

The French Quarter is the original city of New Orleans, established by the French in 1718 as a tiny outpost in the wild and vast Louisiana swamp. Despite the fact that it has been American since Napoleon sold it to the United States in 1803, the city's oldest neighborhood has retained a strong European and Caribbean look and feel. Far from being only a historical site, the French Quarter is still a living, vibrant neighborhood.

Join a passionate local guide and see the buildings and hear the stories of the triumphant, tragic, and tawdry that made (and continue to make) this neighborhood a treasure you'll hold in your heart long after you have left its narrow streets.

French Quarter Tour Highlights

  • We believe that telling stories is the best way to explain New Orleans' unique culture.
  • Explore the heart of the old city with a local!
  • The French Quarter is vibrant, musical, colorful, and fun!
  • Small groups allow for an immediately customized tour.

St Louis Cemetery #1 Tour
from $25

Follow your Lucky Bean tour guide from the bustling Rampart Street corridor into the maze of tombs, and hear the stories of the fascinating characters who sleep permanently in this treasured site. Be sure to bring your camera, as unparalleled photo opportunities abound.

Established in 1789 in what was then the swampy outskirts of the city, St. Louis Cemetery #1 is the oldest extant cemetery in New Orleans. In a city known for beautiful above-ground cemeteries, this is where it all started. Centuries-old neglected tombs crumble beside beautifully restored ones, and saints and angels are revered alongside voodoo queens, politicians, fallen soldiers, eccentric millionaires, civil rights pioneers, and the enslaved.

St Louis Cemetery #1 Tour Highlights

  • Learn also about the surrounding neighborhood, steeped in New Orleans history and culture.
  • We keep our groups small, so we are able to answer more questions and find more great pictures!
  • This is the oldest cemetery in New Orleans, established in 1789.
  • Explore this New Orleans treasure with someone who loves the cemetery and its stories.