About the Company

Welcome to Ember, the house that Scotty B. built.  Not with hammer and nails (though he did do much of the remodel himself), but with passion, vision and artistic ability.  You see, Scotty B. is an artist.  He studied poetry while in college and before he ever considered working in a kitchen, Scotty was creating beautiful works of art through language.  Anyone who has ever had a conversation with him knows that his choice of words are not simply to convey an idea, but to bring that idea to life. To make that idea not only clear, but interesting and fun as well.

About the Owner

Chef Scotty B, like any true artist, loves unique flavors, textures, colors and compositions in his culinary creations.  He is le artist en cuisine of the most diverse rotating menu in Breckenridge. Inspired by friends, locals, visitors and travel, he showcases unusual compilations of ingredients for an interesting and satisfying meal. Explore the menu and dare to enjoy every creation as an exploration of flavors and an expression of life.


Internationally inspired and prepared for the new American palate, textures and flavors will blend in ways that only visionary Chef/Owner Scott Boshaw can envision every season. The meals you love are more than sustenance; they are professional service, impeccable décor, inspired drinks, interesting conversation and an unforgettable experience.