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This sleigh ride leaves from the base of Peak 9 at about 9600′ elevation and goes up the mountain and reaches about 11,000′ elevation. 620 Village Road, Breckenridge, CO 80424.

  • We are open Thanksgiving thru Mid-April (weather permitting)
  • We provide hot cocoa on all rides
  • We provide unlimited wool blankets
  • To make reservations, please click orange tab to the left of this page!
  • Wranglers work for tips
  • 48 hour cancellation
  • Upgrade any ride to a private sleigh ride for $150 extra

Scenic - Sleigh Ride - Peak 9

Scenic Sleigh Rides include a 35-45 minute sleigh ride with beautiful views of our charming town. The ride goes up in elevation, up the Breckenridge Ski Resort. This gives you great views looking down on the town of Breckenridge with the Christmas lights. From this sleigh ride, you can also see across the valley to the Continental Divide, Mt Baldy, and the 10-mile range. Hot chocolate and warm blankets will be provided for the ride. No Groupons accepted at this location. 48-hour cancellation policy. 

Dinner - Sleigh Ride

Dinner Rides include a 35-45 minute sleigh ride with hot chocolate and warm blankets. This is the same sleigh ride as the scenic ride. This ride does go up in elevation giving you the great views of the valley of Breckenridge below.  After the ride, enjoy a 1 hour dinner at Spencer’s Steak House at Beaver Run. We drop you off right out front of Spencers. This is walking distance from your start location. Total time is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. No entertainment provided. No Groupons accepted. 48 hour cancellation policy. Menu below

Scenic Day - Sleigh Ride - Golf Course
from $60

Drawn by a team of magnificent draft horses, our sleighs wander through the heart of the Breckenridge valley, with a dramatic view of the majestic mountain peaks all around. This is a flatter trail around the meadow of the Golf Course, but you still have the great views looking up at the surrounding mountains. 200 Clubhouse Dr, Breckenridge, CO 80424.