About the Company

Roger's Snowbike Rentals was started in the wake of Vail Resorts granting Snowbikes access to its slopes including at Breckenridge Ski Resort. Since then, the profile of Snowbiking has been raised to a point where we can consistently offer our guests an experience that exceeds most of our guests' expectations. 

About the Owner

Roger Hollenbeck brought the sport of Snowbiking from Europe and has worked with ski areas across the continent to gain access to their slopes and establish a Snowbike market. He has opened several Snowbike programs at many resorts in the United States and strives to continue developing this exciting, new sport at the national level. Roger lives in Breckenridge with his wife.

About the Team

Roger, the owner, has had the privilege of working with Thomas Yacko for the last two seasons and his son, Justin Hollenbeck, for the past season. Thomas is a Connecticut-born army veteran who enjoys connecting with guests and introducing them to Snowbiking. Justin, like Roger, endeavors to expand the sport of Snowbiking by working with ski resorts, health care companies, and mountain communities.