Whether it's your first time exploring Summit County or you’re a seasoned visitor, it can be tough to nail down the best things to do when there are so many options for fun in the mountains. Maximizing your experience doesn’t have to be difficult. By knowing how to get the local scoop, you’ll set yourself up for the adventure of a lifetime. Follow our fool-proof planning tips to enjoy a hassle-free trip to Summit!


Knowing where to eat can be found easily online. But how do know where to find the best pizza or the shortest wait time? Ask a local. We find that town webpages and social media pages are often very reliable for this. Blogs on and guides such as are excellent resources to get the inside dish on where to go and when to head there.

Booking activities with the right outfitter at the best price can seem tricky.

by Karah Kidger


Booking activities with the right outfitter at the best price can seem tricky. Thanks to new, unique tools like, accessing the most fun excursion for your group is as easy as a few clicks on your phone. This way, you can see all the possible options in one place, along with tour times, pricing information and even virtual tours! Our favorite outfitter in the area is Ridden. This spot offers one-of-a-kind fat bike tours and also does head to toe rentals, so don’t panic if you forgot your goggles or gloves!


Rather than relying on taxis and black cars, Uber and Lyft are quickly gaining popularity Summit County and can be easily downloaded to your phone. Another great hack is to look up the town or city online and see if their website offers information on free or cheaper transportation options that might be available like trolleys and buses, such as the Breck Free Ride and Summit Stage. Additionally, parking information for Dillon, Breck and the surrounding area can usually be found on town sites if you’re using a rental or ZipCar.


Getting the biggest bang for your buck on accommodations is crucial. Reviews are going to be your biggest indicator when it comes to judging amenities and pricing. Resources like AirBnB are taking over the short-term lodging market, but it is still a good idea to research local discounted lodging websites such as, and Alpine Edge Property Management, first.

Now that you have the local lowdown on how to get around like a Summit Countian in your home away from home, it’s time to start planning your itinerary. Make sure to check out the suggestions above when preparing for your vacation, and you’ll be traveling in no time.

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