Breckenridge Mardi Gras!

Experience Mardi Gras at 9,600 ft above sea level and see just how fun this New Orleans tradition can be!

Mardi Gras

Thinking of coming to Breckenridge for Mardi Gras? All I can say now! Mardi Gras is a super fun time in Breckenridge. The snow is flying, the mountain is buzzin, and so are the locals of Breckenridge. Traditionally, the atmosphere for Breckenridge Mardi Gras can seem quite authentic due to how many people from New Orleans flock to the mountains to try and avoid the chaotic masses that engulf New Orleans for Mardi Gras. My ideal itinerary for Breckenridge includes the following./ Begin your day by waking around 8 - You're on vacation - AROUND 8. Take your time and gather your ski equipment, once ready head to the restaurant Bold in the Village of Breckenridge. Bold offers a killer make your own bloody bar as well as fantastic breakfast options all while being in close proximity to the Quiksilver ski lift. Once you have finished up Breckenridge make your way to the lift where the Quiksilver provides quick access to any type of terrain you're looking for. The Quiksilver chair is convenient for beginner skiers looking for less of a slope while it also provides the opportunity to hop on The Falcon for some black diamond and the Mercury Super chair for a little bit of everything. Once you have gotten your fix of skiing in for the day I would say call it around 2 so you can get prepared for the parade; by prepared I mean head to the historic Gold Pan Saloon where you can start getting in the right mindset. At this point, the culture of Breck is going to take ahold of you, embrace it. The citizens of Breck are great people and who knows you may just leave with some new best friends. thinking Breck? Book now.

BRECKENRIDGE Mardi Gras 2019

by Jared Black

BRECKENRIDGE Mardi Gras 2019


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