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Three fun things to do in Denver this week

Three fun activities to do while in Denver, CO

In Denver? Looking for something to do? Here's a bit of a look into what's hot in Denver right now. 

Via Ferrata

One of the top activities that entered Colorado about two years ago is Via Ferrata. You may think to yourself..what the heck is Via Ferrata? Well, let me tell's not an unusual Italian dish that was somehow introduced at a family gathering. Instead, it is an action-packed, protected climbing route originally found in the Alps and now offered as a unique climbing experience around the world. About 35 minutes from downtown Denver, CO sits Idaho Springs where you can find a large community of rafters, climbers, and outdoorsman all looking for the next thing to do. This location made for a perfect fit to introduce Colorado's first Via Ferrate course. Ava's Via Ferrata is an intermediate activity that takes hold methods to when people had to traverse through the alps to get to other locations within the mountains. It involves fixed ladders, cables, and bridges that make it possible for someone to get to one place from another. it certainly isn't for the person that has an issue with height but even if you do you can be assured the crew over at AVA rafting is going to make sure you're well taken care of. 

Via Ferrata - Idaho Springs - Mt. Evans

Clear Creek - Rafting

This trip is located about 30 minutes from downtown Denver so even a quick visit to Denver can provide the opportunity to experience some of Colorados best rafting. The advanced canyon is not only the most exciting section on Clear Creek but also the most scenic! The canyon also provides an amazing backdrop to steep class IV rapids. These rapids come very quickly after the put-in and are continuous from then on. Raft them all, including upper and lower Beaver Falls, Guide Ejector, Double Knife, and Hell’s Corner! In-between the excitement, don’t forget to keep on the lookout for the herd of Bighorn sheep that live in the canyon! Hit this trip up in early June for the thrill of a lifetime! Duration: 3-3.5 hours. Check the Virtual Reality video to get a sneak peek of what the trips like!

Rafting - Intermediate Clear Creek - Liquid Descent

Denver Like a local Food Tour

Low on time? Take a guided food tour with Denver Like a Local and experience a bit of the best food Denver has to offer?

Eat like a local and experience Denver through Food! A 3 hour guided food tour in Denver

This isn’t your average food tour! Kick your taste buds into high gear and unleash your inner foodie. On this culinary adventure, we hit some of the hottest restaurants in LoDo. You will indulge in tasty creations, discover what our talented chefs are cooking up with local ingredients and how they’re putting Denver on the map as a culinary destination. 

Denver Like a Local Food Tour

Three Things to do!

by Jared Black

Three Things to do!

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