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See what spots are the best in Breckenridge for all your food desires!

Hello all! Today we're going to talk about the best bites in Breckenridge and where to get your fix. Everyone always seems to ask me where the best restaurant is or where they should go eat and the answer is pretty simple in the fact that all the restaurants in Breckenridge are great and it's because they have to be. Restaurants in a town that is solely run by tourism have to be at a certain standard or they will get phased out before they have even a chance to fix any broken reviews that they have.  The restaurants range from quick grab and go to fine dining, well "Breckenridge" fine dining. 

What I mean by Breckenridge fine dining is that no matter what establishment you're in Breckenridge has a way of being casual in any restaurant setting. I'm not trying to class it down but even the nicest restaurant in town doesn't require a suit or really even a tie. Yes, a nice shirt goes a long way but the reason people are in Breckenridge is to relax and unwind from the hustle of the city and their day to day lives. 

Let's get into it though! My top picks. 

A Quick Bite - My picks for a quick bite are pretty simple - The HD Tavern Breckenridge is a Chicago style specialty hot dog bar that has good tunes, more than just hot dogs, and is a great local watering hole. Open late night for food until 2AM this place is a great go on Breck's south side of town. Another great pick for a quick bite is the famous Breckenridge Crepe cart located on Main Street. It's a small walkup cart that offers a variety of crepes and you'll be able to find it by the line that seems to never die but fear not because it finishes up quick.

Family Friendly - I would have to go with downstairs at Erics and Empire Burger. Downstairs at Eric's is actually owned by the mayor of the small town and it's a great spot for anybody really! Downstairs at Eric's features an arcade for kids, plenty of beer options for adults along with many TVs for the sports goer. They serve a variety of options and is just a good spot with affordable food. Plus wifi isn't in this establishment so you can have those heart to hearts without the interruption of modern technology ringing at your hip. On to Empire. Empire Burger is a staple in the town and probably has the best burger with many options on how you'd like to dress it. Located above Breckenridge Bike Tours a popular touring business in town is where Empire lies and it's got great patio seating along with fantastic beer options.

"Fine" Dining - My picks for the nicer restaurants in town are pretty easy as these are my go-to spots for birthdays, special occasions, and more! Number 1 for me has to be Relish. Relish has a sister restaurant called Twist and both these restaurants do an amazing job of creating fine cuisine with a rotating menu. Being from Maine I am certainly a bit of a seafood snob and I generally do my best to stay away but the scallops I had once upon a time at Relish sold me on the establishment for life. It's in the center of town near the Breckenridge Welcome Center and it offers a fantastic ambiance that caters to just about all. They even try to get in a bit with the locals offering great beer...and a tall-boy PBR for people looking for something easy. Another pick has to be the Hearthstone restaurant located on ridge street. The Hearthstone is a piece of Breckenridge history..for better or worse. The Hearthstone restaurant was actually the brothel in Breckenridge back in the day and walking into this place you can certainly feel the history if the walls could talk am I right? This restaurant is great for families looking for a nice evening out and the steak is to die for. This about sums up my picks for restaurants but I do want to include a couple of shoutouts to other establishments in town, even though I can't do a write up because it would take all week to do justice to all these eateries. 

The Canteen - Drinks come in half a Canteen!

Sanchos- Tequila and Tacos

Peak of Asia - PHO is great

Gold Pan Saloon - Oldest liqour license west of the Mississippi and a stop on Breckenridge Bike ToursWine and Whiskey tour


by Jared Black


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